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MY Definition of the Phrase ‘Secular Christian’

This was a question posed on a esoteric board. I answered in this way …
Before anyone asks this question , we ALL need to know just what is your definition 
of the phrase “secular christian” as you have used it?  

Sent: Sunday, January 17, 2016 6:27 PM
Subject: Re: whats a “secular christian” ?
This is not an officially, proper response but I believe secular Christians are those much more “severe” to themselves in the performance of their faith. They revolve around a particular Christian precept difference, maybe only one differing existing, from “mainstream” Christianity.
My example is, just that, an example as a parallel only:
Opus Dei (a life-styled, very severe Ca-thol-ic group whose individual members involve self-punishment they validate in faith. (secular side)
Catholic Church (direct, main avenue to Opus Dei) (church is said to be Christian, or at least part of it is.)
Probably not the answer you expected right off after posting out to us. So … I will welcome anyone with “book” version of explanation.
Marie in Galveston
As I See It

There’s Naked and There’s Nekkid

One is not bad

One connotates ‘naughtiness’ or ‘fun’ involved

We make that distinction here in Texas

Are you naked?

Or, are you nekkid and looking to make mischief?

You’re caught Naked in the shower

You’re caught Nekkid in the creek

Just sharing with all y’all


Jodi Foster – The Coppertone Child

Some many years ago, on interview talk show, Jodie Foster admitted she was this model at 3-years-old. She said she posed the pose, but that the painter did not a dog, or a tree, or a beach. That the painter used her pose.

Later, some years later, she admitted this on TV again. That she was this model, and that no, and in no way, did she suffer trauma for “modelling the pose”.


NO Idea – 1939 – Daddy’s Car

My dad once told me that in 1939, he was 18 years old, and he bought his first car; it was a NEW car. He paid cash, the whole $100.00, on the spot.
At this point of the story, my dad roared back laughing. It was so funny to him to tell me he had had to park that new car for nine months, covered up,because he didn’t have $.06, and nowhere to get $.06, for a gallon of gas, so that he could try driving it.
To write further, Dad went into the military shortly after this purchase, and came back
with money for gasoline…nine months later.