The Shadow Men

Our pesky one is a shadow man. Not extraordinary considering we live within the three different cemeteries (close up) on all sides, but then a canal on the fourth side. Shadow people are constantly using our driveway to stride directly toward the water, leap (suspend, whatever one calls it), onto the other side without missing a stride.
One September evening, my husband had been angry and we were facing each other on the patio talking, with him quieting down and calming.
At the same time, both of our heads whipped together in the same direction and we both saw two seven feet tall shadows ‘things’ striding directing down the driveway, then even with us with their heads turned toward us too, until we were all four looking at each others.
My husband and I were ‘glued’. We watched them continue to the canal edge (drop off), take a step forward, glide (if it’s gliding that it was), land one-footed on the other side into the cemetery, and continue walking forward out of sight. They both shadow people did the exact same time, not exactly the same way, but mirroring each other’s actions with some variation of individual. Too amazing to grip, my husband and I looked at each other and said, at the same time, “Did you see that?” He turned completely white and ghostly himself. I myself had already met shadow people “inside the house” before.
As I See It

Vanilla Ice Cream Cups

We luvved vanilla ice cream cups from the Ice Cream Truck.
Daddy would tell us, “There’s that ice cream truck again.
Playing that song and ringing that bell again. Means they’re 
out of ice cream AGAIN. Don’t bother going out there. We’ll
MAKE some.”
Course, as a kid, dads know EVERYTHING (for real), so step
mom saved these self-same cups and sticks, and made the kool-
aid icees for all the trailer park kids. She was a fine lady
and supplied us all.
But, Daddy, … yeah, he was a scamp who loved kids, always was.
I had to grow up to learn the difference about the ice cream
truck. Now, icees are aluminum spooned and I still eat them.