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Short Story: A/C Repair Service Call – Galveston, Texas

Short Story –

Galveston West Isle has very nice high-dollar homes on the Gulf of Mexico. My electrician friend received an A/C service call to a home (excuse me, uh, mansion), and arrived to find the gentleman caller sitting in a rocking chair, up 40 steps, waiting on the veranda porch. Long hair, blue jeans. He was patiently waiting. My friend walked up, introduced himself, and proceeded with his service call, being let in to work, and spent ten minutes being shown around a very large house. Big house, big area, the two gentleman walked the house together. An hour went by.
As my friend was leaving, he says to the client, “Are you Galveston, because I think you are very familiar to me.” Client says no, he’s just house-sitting. “But, you ARE someone I know, right?” The client replied, “Could be. My name is Willie.” My friend was thunderstruck and he nearly fainted. He had just met, and shaken hands, with Willie Nelson.

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