As I See It

Vanilla Ice Cream Cups

We luvved vanilla ice cream cups from the Ice Cream Truck.
Daddy would tell us, “There’s that ice cream truck again.
Playing that song and ringing that bell again. Means they’re 
out of ice cream AGAIN. Don’t bother going out there. We’ll
MAKE some.”
Course, as a kid, dads know EVERYTHING (for real), so step
mom saved these self-same cups and sticks, and made the kool-
aid icees for all the trailer park kids. She was a fine lady
and supplied us all.
But, Daddy, … yeah, he was a scamp who loved kids, always was.
I had to grow up to learn the difference about the ice cream
truck. Now, icees are aluminum spooned and I still eat them.
As I See It

MY Definition of the Phrase ‘Secular Christian’

This was a question posed on a esoteric board. I answered in this way …
Before anyone asks this question , we ALL need to know just what is your definition 
of the phrase “secular christian” as you have used it?  

Sent: Sunday, January 17, 2016 6:27 PM
Subject: Re: whats a “secular christian” ?
This is not an officially, proper response but I believe secular Christians are those much more “severe” to themselves in the performance of their faith. They revolve around a particular Christian precept difference, maybe only one differing existing, from “mainstream” Christianity.
My example is, just that, an example as a parallel only:
Opus Dei (a life-styled, very severe Ca-thol-ic group whose individual members involve self-punishment they validate in faith. (secular side)
Catholic Church (direct, main avenue to Opus Dei) (church is said to be Christian, or at least part of it is.)
Probably not the answer you expected right off after posting out to us. So … I will welcome anyone with “book” version of explanation.
Marie in Galveston