Happy Little Elf Men

When I was 6 years old, I’d just moved from England to Canada. One night I woke up and saw 6 or 7 little men. They seemed so friendly and asked me about all my toys on the floor and what they did. But what amused them the most was my Softoy bunny rabbit at the end of my bed. When I showed them that it had a zipper and that’s where my pajamas were kept, well, they just cracked up. They stayed awhile, but my greatest memory of them is how happy they were. And I will always treasure that.



I Witnessed A WalMart ‘Prankster’

Quite a few of my stories may start out to read, “Yesterday …” or “Last Night”. This is because it takes me a bit of time to assimilate what has been. Quite a few of my encounterings are Unpleasant. So, to say, this one was amusing and had me smiling through it was a blessing.
Now, WalMart is a strange place to encounter strange people. But, if you wander around long enough, it sometimes can be that you encounter someone as yourself. That happened to me strolling toward the back of the store, with my buggy, beside the refrigerated units on my left.
WalMart was so doggone crowded, I had to Stop! I couldn’t go any direction, but in a second and a half, I was alone, deserted, looking around, and startled, whoa, they’re gone fast. Like, cleared out. As I turned and moved to heave my buggy forward, directly in front of me, a large yellow box of Cherrios fell off the shelf from a Full display, about waist-high to me, and landed on the floor a foot from the front of my buggy. I thought, “No, thank you, no Cherrios.”
At that moment and into some many seconds later, I’m anticipating the buggy that nudged that box from the other side of the aisle, to appear in view. And, it does. The small middle-aged lady who appeared in view, pushing her buggy, said to me, “How did it know I wanted to buy Cherrios.” She motioned to pick up the Cherrios box off the floor, looked at me and said, “But, I prefer to pick my Cherrios boxes, and not have my Cherrios boxes pick me.” She then placed the box in the display, just as one would place a brick in a wall, and she wheeled her buggy away.
This incident really had nothing to do with me except that I was the observer, probably the only observe. I was standing there smiling through the whole thing. I walked around that side to satisfy myself that the lady had not ‘nudged’ the boxes, but with palletted stacked six high on the other side, nudging could not happen. I knew that before I looked.
It was just natural, not a thing strange about it. Would like to meet up with her again though.





The Shadow Men

Our pesky one is a shadow man. Not extraordinary considering we live within the three different cemeteries (close up) on all sides, but then a canal on the fourth side. Shadow people are constantly using our driveway to stride directly toward the water, leap (suspend, whatever one calls it), onto the other side without missing a stride.
One September evening, my husband had been angry and we were facing each other on the patio talking, with him quieting down and calming.
At the same time, both of our heads whipped together in the same direction and we both saw two seven feet tall shadows ‘things’ striding directing down the driveway, then even with us with their heads turned toward us too, until we were all four looking at each others.
My husband and I were ‘glued’. We watched them continue to the canal edge (drop off), take a step forward, glide (if it’s gliding that it was), land one-footed on the other side into the cemetery, and continue walking forward out of sight. They both shadow people did the exact same time, not exactly the same way, but mirroring each other’s actions with some variation of individual. Too amazing to grip, my husband and I looked at each other and said, at the same time, “Did you see that?” He turned completely white and ghostly himself. I myself had already met shadow people “inside the house” before.